Since 1981 Building and Sustaining Community – Unique, Vibrant, Diverse
Historic Preservation – Economic Development – Affordable Housing


Enhance the quality of life in our neighborhoods and expand opportunities for residents through a comprehensive community development program, including housing, preservation, economic development and community building. 


Miami Beach Community Development Corporation (MBCDC) was founded in 1981 by the Miami Design Preservation League.  It spearheaded the economic revitalization of the Art Deco District, public and private investment on Ocean Drive and Lincoln Road, historic preservation and the re-emergence of South Beach as a world-class destination.  

In the 1990’s MBCDC shifted its focus to developing affordable housing and serving the low-income residents of Miami Beach.  Today, MBCDC owns and manages 14 residential projects and an office building.  It has 340 units in its portfolio and primarily serves low-income elderly and disabled residents.  In addition, MBCDC has a housing counseling program which assists 500 families a year in their quest to become first-time homebuyers.  

The year 2014 marked a new beginning for MBCDC.  In 2014 MBCDC welcomed new leadership both on its Board of Directors and staff.   Cornell Crews, Program Director at Partners for Self-Employment, became the new Board Chair.  Beatriz Cuenca-Barberio, became the Executive Director; Donna Gunther, the Deputy Director in charge of operations and Leticia Valle is the Controller. 

MBCDC's board and staff serve the community with integrity and a vision of excellence.  The organization is strengthening its relationships with long-time partners and forging new alliances throughout Miami-Dade County.  MBCDC will continue to be an affordable housing provider, an education and counseling agency to first-time homebuyers, an advocate for low-income residents and will spearhead initiatives to increase its impact in the community and secure its future.